glassybaby, whose main store and studio is located in the Madrona area of Seattle, sprung from Lee Rhoades’ passion to share serenity. She found great comfort and hope through the warm light of colorful votives while she underwent treatment for lung cancer. To Ms. Rhoades, these elegant glass vessels are representation of “that deep breath that we often forget to take.”

Since the company’s inception, Ms. Rhoades established glassybaby goodwill to help support charities dedicated to improving health, healing, and quality of life. Windermere Foundation is fortunate enough to be one of the charities glassybaby goodwill has helped support. Since November of 2003, glassybaby goodwill has donated $837,000 to charity, providing a safety net to those who need it most.

On this page, we will share photos of glassybaby votives being enjoyed in the home, and at special events. Our agents, along with their friends and families, have been gracious enough to contribute photos showing how these special vessels brighten their environment. Enjoy!

Agent Photo Contributors
Michael Lee
Nancy LaVallee
Cynthia Schoonmaker
Lisa Lewis
Julie Nugent

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