Open Houses this Weekend: October 21st & October 22nd

2nd Annual Mercer Island Pumpkin Walk

On October 21st, 2017, the Mercer Island community will be putting together the second Pumpkin Walk in Pioneer Park. The event is able to take place due to the generosity of volunteers and sponsors such as Mercer Island Dentistry, Mercer Island Athletic Club, and Mercer Island Pediatrics.

The Pumpkin Walk starts with community members who want to add their carved pumpkins to the walk bringing their creations to the corner of 84th AVE SE and SE 68th St. anytime between 9:00 am and 4:00pm. Bringing your own pumpkin is not required and admission is free for everyone. Parking is available in streets near the park, or the QFC parking lot.

The festivities begin at 5:00pm and continue until 8:00 that night. The event will be outdoors (dress accordingly), and while costumes are optional, they are greatly encouraged. Flashlights and headlamps will not be allowed so that all participants can get a good view of the beautifully carved pumpkins. The Mercer Island Pumpkin Walk is for all ages—it will not be scary, but festive and fun! MIPA (Mercer Island Preschool Association) is hosting a hot chocolate booth, and the first 500 kids in attendance will receive free glow stick necklaces.

For more information, and a look at last year’s event photos, visit the event Facebook page: @MIPumpkinWalk

open houses this weekend from



$530,000 • 1182992 • 3058 128th Ave SE #40, Bellevue • Ina Bahner • Friday, October 20th, 12pm-2:30pm; Saturday, October 21st, 12pm-3pm

Mercer Island

$1,250,777 • 1201534 • 3848 W Mercer Way, Mercer Island • Allen Hovsepian • Saturday, October 21st, 10am-1pm; Sunday, October 22nd, 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Erin Ewing)

$1,998,000 • 1198729 • 8442 SE 40th St, Mercer Island • Video Tour • R2 (Robyn Kimura Hsu & Rachel Schindler) • Sunday, October 22nd, 11:30am-1:30pm

$2,650,000 • 1207952 • 7431 W Mercer Way, Mercer Island • R2 (Robyn Kimura Hsu & Rachel Schindler) • Friday, October 20th, 4pm-7pm (Hosted by Diana Jane Kay); Saturday, October 21st, 12pm-3pm (Hosted by Diana Jane Kay); Sunday, October 22nd, 12pm-2pm (Hosted by Andrea Iverson)


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