Open Houses this Weekend: September 16th & 17th

We plan on enjoying the weekend while we can! Including tonight!

Though today is scheduled to be sunny, the clouds will roll in tomorrow, before the rain next week. While the area definitely needs the rain, we’ll be sad to see the sun go. With the forecasted rain (Sunday) and clouded sunshine (Saturday), we’ve found two awesome and local events for you to check out!

Seattle has a wide array of activities this weekend, including and kid-friendly. Jam packed with food, music, and culture, the Mt. Baker Street Fair a ton to choose from. Through both visual and performance arts, this fair showcases local artists alongside music and delicious foods. Their schedule and further details can be found on their Facebook page, but the basics are noted below.

WHEN Sunday, September 17th, 2017
TIME 11:30AM – 6:30PM
WHERE Mount Baker Station (Ranier Avenue, Seattle)

Further south, the Renton City Comic Convention is scheduled for this weekend. Join them Saturday and Sunday for a “celebration of all things pop culture, including comics, visual media, cosplay,” and gaming. Join them and their “expanded program”, including over 30 panels, 30+ vendors and artists, a “cosplay museum”, contests, and gaming rooms!

WHEN Saturday, September 16th & Sunday, September 17th, 2017
TIME 11:30AM – 6:30PM

open houses this weekend from



$550,000 • 1182992 • 3058 128th Avenue Southeast #40, Bellevue • Ina Bahner • Friday, September 15th 4:30pm-6:30pm; Saturday, September 16th 10am-1pm; Sunday, September 17th 1pm-4pm

Mercer Island

$850,000 • 1192888 & 1181434 • 7613 Southeast 29th Street, Mercer Island • Cynthia Schoonmaker • Saturday, September 16th 11am-2pm; Sunday, Sepember 17th 1pm-4pm

$1,100,000 • 1190909 • 2409 72nd Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • Chad Dierickx • Saturday, September 16th 1pm-3pm; Sunday, September 17th 10am-12pm

$1,250,000 • 1175241 • 6909 93rd Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • Video Tour • Doug McKiernan • Saturday, September 16th 12pm-3pm (Hosted by Diana Kay); Sunday, September 17th 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Diana Kay)

$1,395,000 • 1187100 • 3659 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island • Daniel Marinello • Saturday, September 16th 12pm-3pm; Sunday, September 17th 11am-2pm

$1,535,000 • 1175502 • 7228 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island • Video Tour • Kelly Weisfield • Saturday, September 16th 1pm-4pm

$1,690,000 • 1164469 • 5047 84th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island •  Nancy LaVallee • Saturday, September 16th 12pm-4pm

$1,875,000 • 1192769 • 2246 81st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • Cherrie Lee • Saturday, September 16th 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Tom Fine); Sunday, September 17th 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Tom Fine)

$2,849,000 • 1181066 • 3847 76th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • R2 (Robyn Kimura-Hsu & Rachel Schindler) • Saturday, September 16th 1pm-3pm


$950,000 • 1190904 • 7121 34th Avenue Southwest, Seattle • Chad Dierickx • Saturday, September 16th & Sunday, September 17th 1pm-3pm

$950,000 • 1182071 • 3248 26th Avenue West, Seattle • Video Tour • Jay Agoado • Friday, September 15th 4pm-5:30pm (Hosted by Nicole Demers-Changelo); Saturday, September 16th 11am-4pm; Sunday, September 17th 1pm-4pm

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