Open Houses this Weekend: September 2nd & 3rd

Are you ready for a three day-weekend? With Labor Day just around the corner are you ready for your long-weekend trip or a relaxing weekend home? Either way, you may have some sort of plan with family or friends, and, perhaps, a BBQ?

This comprehensive list may help you plan the best celebration you’ve had this year!

Setting up your grill:

You’ve probably used your grill a hundred times and know what you’re getting yourself into, but if you’re new or you’ve only set it up a few times, these helpful resources may be your best friend. You want to ensure you’re cleaning and properly prepping your outdoor cooker! Whether it’s charcoal or gas, it’s simple and quick to do!

Buying your first? Between fuel types and size, it’s hard to figure it all out, right? Nah, this list of grills types and some essential tips should help you out!

Recipes for the grill:

Recipes for the kitchen:

Activities for everyone:

Setting up the aesthetics for your celebrations:

  • Table decorations! Include flowers from your garden for a personal touch!
  • Paint lawn stars are a fun way to add some flare on the cheap. You can even use this for Twister with a twist above!
  • A red, white, and blue “essentials station,” where you can have cups, plates, napkins, and all the other necessities!
  • Setting the mood with DIY lanterns for night owls!

Between the food and fun, the get-together you plan is sure to be out of this world. Check out other items that fit your party’s theme for decorations!

Whether you’re looking to make a better burger or try your hand for the first time, you’ve got you covered. This ultimate resource guide is a great way to get started and create a menu you’re whole family will enjoy! Whatever your plans, we wish you a happy weekend!

open houses this weekend from


Mercer Island

$1,595,000 • 1175502 • 7228 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island • Video Tour • Kelly Weisfield • Saturday, September 2nd 1pm-4pm


$513,950 • 1178826 • 1430 Northeast 190th Street, Shoreline • Video Tour • Emily Roberts • Saturday, September 2nd 12pm-3pm


$998,000 • 1183489 • 1511 Madrona Drive, Seattle • Video Tour • Emily Roberts • Sunday, September 3rd 1pm-4pm

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