Google Home Introduces Hands-Free Calling (For Free)

Does this new Google Home feature interest you? Have you tried it out yet if your Google Home is a recent purchase? Let us know your thoughts about this newest smart home technology!

Google Home now comes with a new feature that can recognize up to six voices, and also order food from your favorite sadswich shop without ever mentioning the name.

If you own a Google Home, or plan on buying the technology soon, your life has just become that much easier. Indeed, today Google announced that all Google Home devices have been updated to make hands-free calls (for free) with their Google Assistant. Previous Google Home devices could never make calls for its users. Now, not only can it make a call for you, but it can tell exactly which member in the household is commanding it to do so. If, for example, you are living with roommates (Google Assistant can recognize up to six different voices), the device will be able to detect who is asking Google Assistant to call their own dad.

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But it’s not just for calling your…

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