Open Houses this Weekend: July 1st & 2nd

The ever anticipated grand opening celebration of the new MarketFront of Pike Place Market. While the grand opening event was yesterday, there’s still time to support the project and relish in the new surroundings.

The Project

While the idea came long before, excavation began in June of 2015. Now, on June 29th, they’ve opened the new addition. While crafting this new building, project architects incorporated “simple and utilitarian materials” to ensure a “familiar Market backdrop,” while also refreshing this historic district with new commodities.

The new expansion has added 47 table spaces for farmers and merchants, a new brewery, a seafood restaurant, chocolatier, and biscuit cafe. In addition, 300 new underground parking space will relieve congestion and parking pressure.

Free to browse, this market is perfect to peruse on a nice summer day.

They couldn’t have done it without your support!

The construction is done, but there’s still time to donate. You can donate a set amount, or check out their Charm or Hoof Print donation options! Curious about the project? The design and the massive effort from conception to grand opening? Then this page is for you! Their timeline, breaking ground, and videos commemorate this amazing additional to our beloved Pike Place Market.

These new additions will support our local proprietors for many generations from come. Local farmers, florists, bakers, and merchants gather in our new and beautiful marketplace, crafting and selling wares for us to enjoy! Want to support them? Check them out!

Open Houses

this weekend


$2,048,000 • 1143049 • 117 19th Avenue, Kirkland • Daniel Marinello • Saturday, July 1st & Sunday, July 2nd 12pm-3pm

Mercer Island

$900,000 • 1146040 • 8828 Southeast 61st Street, Mercer Island • Allen Hovsepian & Doug McKiernan • Saturday, July 1st & Sunday, July 2nd 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Tom Fine)

$1,375,000 • 1142115 • 7525 78th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MatterportCynthia Schoonmaker • Saturday, July 1st & Sunday, July 2nd 1pm-4pm


$1,149,000 • 1143317 • 21974 SE 31st Court, Sammamish • Erin Sirianni & Charlie Sirianni • Saturday, July 1st & Sunday, July 2nd 1pm-4pm

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