Open Houses this Weekend: June 10th & 11th

Windermere Mercer Island

I’m pretty sure no one quite knows what the weekend holds, since the forecast has been changing the last few days; however, the current forecast is fore high-60s sunny/overcast weather. So, what are you planning?

Maple Valley is holding their “Festival in Our Park” celebration, at the revered Lake Wilderness Park. For over 60 years, the residents of Maple Valley have held community celebrations. This weekend, June 9th, 10th, and 11th, their Maple Valley Days will be held with events, entertainment, and food galore!

WHEN: June 9th through June 11th
WHERE: 23601 224th Avenue Southeast, Maple Valley
DATES & TIMES: Friday, 3pm-8pm/10pm; Saturday, 10am-9pm; Sunday, 10am-5pm

Free shuttles take you from Rock Creek Elementary throughout the festival, but there is additional paid parking on a first come/first serve basis at the event itself.

Special “Maple Valley Days” events include the carnival, parade, car show, and their “Largest Maple Leaf Contest.” Entertainment includes live music, Kidland, and the “arts fest” stage! Check out more information here. Kidland, sponsored by Discovery Playtown, is hosting new events this year. Special Kidland entertainment can be found on this page!

Windermere Mercer Island agents will be across the region, hosting open houses. Check out our roster below for your dream home!

our agents’

Open Houses

Bainbridge Island

$820,000 • 1111978 • 6432 Northeast Baker Hill Road, Bainbridge Island • Joanie Ransom & Molly Neary • Sunday, June 11th 1pm-4pm


$925,000 • 1137945 • 13724 Southeast 20th Street, Bellevue • Video Tour Marianne Parks & Christine Reis • Saturday, June 10th & Sunday, June 11th 1pm-4pm

Maple Valley

$575,000 • 113144 • 20224 235th Avenue Southeast, Maple Valley • Video • Doug McKiernan • Saturday, June 10th 12pm-3pm

Mercer Island

$1,250,000 • 1124784 • 4518 91st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • Video Tour • Jane Malone • Sunday, June 11th 1pm-4pm

$1,250,000 • 1134643 • 3309 72nd Place Southeast, Mercer Island • Video Tour  • Jay Agoado • Saturday June 10th 10am-4pm; Sunday, June 11th 1pm-4pm

$1,598,000 • 1134784 • 7915 Southeast 67th Street, Mercer Island • Video Tour • Kelly Weisfield • Friday, June 9th 3pm-6pm; Saturday, June 10th & Sunday, June 11th 1pm-4pm

$1,978,000 • 1136921 • 4106 78th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • R2 (Robyn Kimura-Hsu & Rachel Schindler) • Saturday, June 10th 11am-1pm; Sunday, June 11th 2pm-4pm


$899,000 • 1116895 • 2575 West Montlake Place East, Seattle • Video Tour • Erin Sirianni & Charlie Sirianni • Saturday, June 10th 1pm-4pm; Sunday, June 11th 1pm-4pm

$1,388,000 • 1138562 • 2911 2nd Avenue #1219, Seattle • Larry Williams & Julie Wilson • Saturday, June 10th 10am-2pm; Sunday, June 11th 1pm-4pm

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