Open Houses this Weekend: April 29th & 30th

This week has been a whirlwind of sun and rain, with mildly temperate temperatures. What do you have planned?

The first and second quarter are a Pacific Northwest’ gardener’s dream. The sun is starting to peek through the haze of winter and people are gearing up for summer fun. While the sun has failed to shine for more than a day, we are still heading into the late-Spring/Summer season – and NW gardeners are amp-ing up their garden gloves.

But, what should you plant?

Our climate is great for many things, but remember, many crops are seasonal, or need some special attention. It’s also about the timing, the weather, and your soil type. Ensuring you have enough sun (or shade), the time of month, and your landscaping’s soil type (loamy, clay, etc.) will guide your plants towards optimal growth.

These plants are great for late-April/early-May planting.

  • Carrots – Best in loamy soil, these plants are great for any meal (raw, baked, steamed, or boiled!) This root vegetable needs good soil and time to germinate and mature past its stubby start.
  • Cilantro – Cilantro is used in many cuisines across the world, in both fresh and dried varieties.
  • Dill – Like cilantro, sill is used to flavor food and will enhance any otherwise bland dish.
  • Cauliflower – People have said these can be difficult to grow, but they will definitely be worth your while.
  • Pole Beans – Beans are great for any dish and are so fun! They grow and grow and grow, and give and give and give! The kids will enjoy snapping them off the vine!
  • Summer Squash – Another loamy soil dweller, squashes need room to yield, but are healthful and delicious!
  • Lettuce – Used for soups, salads, sandwiches, and anything else you can think of, lettuce, is hardy and can be grown year-round. There are many varieties of lettuce, and some can even be grown in winter (under a layer of straw).

Not only are these vegetables healthy and wholesome, but many require simple upkeep. Save on your grocery bill and spend more time outdoors. What’s not to love?

Windermere Mercer Island agents are hosting homes across the region. From Bainbridge Island, across the water to Edmonds, down towards Seattle, to here on Mercer Island… Come and join us!

Bainbridge Island

$820,000 ♦ 1111978 ♦ 6432 Northeast Baker Hill Road, Bainbridge Island ♦ Joanie Ransom & Molly Neary ♦ Sunday, April 30th 1pm-4pm


$700,000 ♦ 1112403 ♦ 8821 204th Street Southwest, Edmond ♦ Video Tour ♦ Brian Rosso ♦ Friday, April 28th 4:30pm-7pm; Saturday, April 29th 1pm-4pm; Sunday, April 30th 1pm-3pm

Mercer Island

$1,400,000 ♦ 1078687 & 1081761 ♦ 3308 81st Place Southeast, Mercer Island ♦ Video Tour ♦ Denise Coe ♦ Saturday, April 29th 1pm-3pm

$2,195,000 ♦ 1110729 ♦ 6829 Southeast 29th Street, Mercer Island ♦ Video Tour ♦ R2 (Rachel Schindler & Robyn Kimura-Hsu) ♦ Saturday, April 29th 10am-1pm (Hosted by Jane Malone) & 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Erin Ewing); Sunday, April 30th 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Erin Ewing)

$2,390,000 ♦ 1063566 ♦ 19 Evergreen Lane, Mercer Island ♦ Video Tour ♦ Bonnie Sanborn ♦ Sunday, April 30th 1pm-4pm


$938,000 ♦ 1104337 ♦ 2036 Boyer Avenue East, Seattle ♦ Video Tour ♦ Nikki Demers-Changelo ♦ Friday, April 28th 4pm-6pm

$3,198,000 ♦ 1110812 ♦ 7734 Seattle Park Avenue South, Seattle ♦ R2 (Rachel Schindler & Robyn Kimura-Hsu) ♦ Saturday, April 29th 11am-12pm (Hosted by Katy Crouch); Sunday, April 30th 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Katy Crouch)

$3,250,000 ♦ 1088236 ♦ 7740 Seattle Park Avenue South, Seattle ♦ R2 (Rachel Schindler & Robyn Kimura-Hsu) ♦ Saturday, April 29th 11am-12pm (Hosted by Katy Crouch); Sunday, April 30th 1pm-4pm (Hosted by Katy Crouch)

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