Open Houses this Weekend: April 22nd & 23rd

The Washington State Fair started yesterday, but will be open through the weekend! These next three(ish) days are planned and packed with fun! Animals, entertainment, tasty food, thoughtful exhibits, and music create an elaborate festival that will please the while family.

The Adventure Zone will be open, including the Sling Shot, Go-Karts, and Paintball. duckling-1596727.jpgThe home of the classic carnival rides, the Midway Ride area is also open. The Scrambler, Tornado, Scooters, Classic Coaster, Antique Carousel, and Grand Wheel are among the rides open!

What else is there? You were promised something for the whole family, and the Spring Fair has it!
agriculture-84702.jpgThe Kidzone spurs creativity and community for every child, while the Northwest Living & Garden exhibits to the same for gardeners and florists (and enthusiasts) alike. Delight in old-fashioned decorations, demonstration, and memorabilia int he Oldfield Western Heritage Center. These authentic artifacts will transport you into a simpler time! Do you enjoy an enticing story? Storybook Village has readings everyday, at the Red Gate Building. This free-with-admission activity, is geared for all ages! Still looking? How about the BBQ Playoffs! A friendly competition between 40 teams, this delicious BBQ will surely entice your senses!

SUN 10am-8pm

Adults – $12
Students (ages 6-18) – $10

Still searching for the perfect home? Our Windermere Real Estate / Mercer Island agents are hosting a slew of gorgeous homes this weekend. Don’t know which will fit the bill? You’re MORE than welcome to come visit them all! See you there!

Mercer Island

$2,193,500 ♦ 943296 ♦ 7436 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ Video Tour ♦ Terry Donovan & Daphne Donovan ♦ Sunday, April 23rd 1pm-4pm

$2,315,000 ♦ 1068307 ♦ 6829 Southeast 32nd Street, Mercer Island ♦ Video Tour ♦ R2 (Rachel Schindler & Robyn Kimura-Hsu) ♦ Sunday, April 23rd 2pm-4pm (Hosted by Denny Liao)

$3,588,000 ♦1106987 ♦ 5804 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ Video Tour ♦ Kelly Weisfield ♦ Saturday, April 22nd & Sunday, April 23rd 1pm-4pm


$850,000 ♦ 1099747 ♦ 11914 Southeast 78th Street, Newcastle ♦ Cherrie Lee ♦ Saturday, April 22nd 11am-3pm; Sunday, April 23rd 1pm-4pm


$899,900 ♦ 1106362 ♦ 3862 South Lucile Street, Seattle ♦ Kathryn Buchanan ♦ Friday, April 21st 4pm-6pm; Saturday, April 22nd 10am-1pm; Sunday, April 23rd 1pm-4pm

$516,500 ♦ 1102315 ♦ 1408 12th Avenue #509, Seattle ♦ Video Tour ♦ Kathryn Buchanan ♦ Saturday, April 22nd & Sunday, April 23rd 1pm-4pm

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