5 Awesome Tips for Northwest Winter Season!


While not the first “snow” of the season, it is the first snow that stuck to the ground. The Seattle region hasn’t seen snow in while, so we’ve compiled a short list of resources to read up on for snow tips, tricks, and good-to-knows. The City of Mercer Island has a Snow and Ice Response Plan that has great information for getting around the island during the upcoming snowy season. A link off the City of Mercer Island website, brings us to the Take Winter by Storm site, which provides excellent information about all things “bad weather”. Take a peak here for tips! Seattle’s little-r winter wonderland. Staying bundled inside sounds good right now.

Here are some quick tips for people experiencing the snow:

  • Ensure proper home maintenance throughout the year.
  • Insulate outside water nozzles to keep the pipes from freezing up.
  • Get out extra warm blankets and flashlights (and batteries) and place them in spots around the house.
  • Get things like snow shovels, ice scrapers, de-icing materials, and snow brushes prepared for the winter season.
  • Consider making your vehicle “winter ready” by putting an extra blanket, snow chains, keeping a full tank of gas, and getting your car maintenance done.

We hope that the season is both fun and safe for you and your family! We here at the Mercer Island Windermere haven’t seen a ton of snow, but Portland, the mountains, Everett, and Spokane sure are!

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