Second Quarter 2016 Reviews: Reports For Seattle, Mercer Island, and the Eastside

Second Quarter 2016 Reviews:

Published July 2016


Waterfront Q2 2016 Review:


Condo Q2 2016 Review:

Published July 2016

Seattle Region Quarter 2 Reviews are now posted on Mercer Island Pulse – click here to get all the juicy details. And surprisingly, we are starting to see some market balance in pockets around the region.  In fact, on Mercer Island homes prices above $2 million saw some stagnation during Quarter 2 due to increased inventory coupled with a taper in buyer demand.  On the Eastside, a few balanced markets are starting to emerge even in such a strong seller-favored environment. In Seattle, rental prices increased quicker than home pricing appreciated during Quarter 2. All of the city neighborhoods are hot, but the most affordable neighborhoods, like North Seattle, saw a ton of activity. North Seattle also saw the highest year-over-year price gain for the quarter.

There are also Quarter 2 Reviews for waterfront properties, and the condo market. Click here for details.

If you would like to keep a pulse on the market in between quarters, Windermere Mercer Island publishes resources for you.  Keep track of the housing market in your favorite neighborhoods on The Market Talks, which offers weekly, monthly, and quarterly statistics for our region’s neighborhoods. You can subscribe to get each update emailed to you when they are posted.

If you are interested in waterfront properties and lux trends, then make sure to subscribe to The Waterfront Report.  You’ll receive quarterly reviews covering Seattle, Mercer Island, The Eastside, and Lake Sammamish, along with up-to-date luxury news and trends.

Are you eager to learn more about the bigger picture regarding our housing market and local economy? We have a YouTube playlist on our office channel with all the Housing 101 videos filmed by Windermere Real Estate’s chief economist, Matthew Gardner.  Click here to access the playlist. We add to it each time Mr. Gardner releases a new Housing 101 video.

If you are looking to relocate to the Seattle Region, or you already live here but want to find a neighborhood that is a better compliment to your needs and lifestyle, make sure and check out Live On Guides. You can research neighborhoods, school districts, and look at maps all in one place.

Here on Mercer Island Pulse, we share timely real estate news, community information, company events, design trends, and home tips. You can subscribe to have each new article delivered to your inbox by clicking the Follow button in the lower right hand corner of the homepage.


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