Sellers Get Their Million Dollar Listings Exposed

Glad to be a part of it!

Windermere Eastside

29 sellers get their million dollar plus listings exposed to over 100 Windermere luxury agents.

At Wednesday’s Premier Breakfast, 108 brokers from across the Seattle area and the Eastside met at the Overlake Golf and Country Club to network and discuss trends in the local luxury market. Among the discussion and presentations were 29 new luxury listings now on the market. This is a great way for us to give exposure to your property by meeting firsthand with other brokers who may know your potential buyer.

Alan Pope, luxury real estate appraiser, also gave a presentation to our brokers. His experience and knowledge of real estate trends helps boost our agents to become experts in the luxury real estate market.

A panel of Windermere Real Estate experts talked about the waterfront market in Seattle, Mercer Island, Lake Sammamish and the Eastside. You can find reports for these markets at

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