Grocery Stores On Mercer Island – who would you like to see in the Albertsons space?

Shopping bag containing fresh fruit and vegatables Ever since Albertsons announced they were closing the doors to their Mercer Island location, residents have been eager to fill that space with another grocery store outfit. Curbed Seattle recently said that the Albertsons site is the hottest real estate on Mercer Island right now!

Island residents have mounted a campaign to bring a local grocery retailer to the this site. First, a Facebook group called Bring PCC To Mercer Island formed. This group started the  coordinated efforts to promote bringing PCC to the island community. When the news around the city indicated that the owner of the Albertson site, Rabina Properties, was currently in negotiations with an out-of-state grocery company, a petition was created on The text of the petition requests that Rabina Properties reset the negotiating clock so that local companies PCC and Metropolitan Market could enter their hats in the ring. Yesterday, June 29th, the Mercer Island Reporter updated their news article What will replace Albertsons? with copy that confirmed negotiations between Rabina and the out-of-state grocery company. The update also stated that local resident group Bring PCC To Mercer Island has changed its focus to “local food, local grocers, local workers.” The groups hopes their efforts will retain resident employees, and indicated PCC and Metropolitan Market are locals’ preferred retailers for this store site.

As of this morning, June 30th, the city of Mercer Island indicated the negotiations for leasing the Albertsons site are still going strong, with current news reporting at least three grocery outfits are interested in renting the building.

If you are interested in sharing your opinion on what grocery store company you’d like to see take over the former Albertsons space, here are a few things you can do:

July 5th is Albertsons final day before closing their era on Mercer Island. Thank you to all the employees who provided excellent customer service to island shoppers over the years.

Grocery Bag photo from Stock Free Images


  1. Hi Cynthia! Thank you for sharing. I’m super excited to see who ends up leasing the Albertsons Space. Metropolitan Market would be a great addition to the downtown area.

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