Infographic On Optimal Lengths For Social Media Updates & Content

Social media is a terrific way for real estate brokers to share helpful and useful information with their clients. But how can a broker make sure that the updates and content he/she is creating will make it to the most eyeballs possible? BufferSocial published an incredibly informative blog post regarding optimal length for various social media updates and content you create. The blog post, while lengthy, is well worth reading if you are trying to establish a marketing plan on a specific social media platform, or freshen up your approach on ones you’re already using. Author Kevan Lee states in the blog post,”Take these as best practices, as jumping off points, as ideas to iterate on. Put them to the test, and see what is right for you.”

Our real estate market is hopping right now, so if you only have a couple of minutes and/or want to print out the infographic to use later check out SumAll’s correlating blog post on this subject featuring the printable .pdf . SumAll estimates the blog post takes about 2 minutes to read!

I hope you find this infographic to be as helpful as I’ve found it to be. Enjoy!
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The Optimal Length of Everything Online

Infographic courtesy of buffersocial. Thanks for sharing!

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