Mercer Island Boil Water Advisory Has Been Lifted!!

Water Pouring into Bottle


Mercer Island Announces The End of Boil-Water Advisory
Guidance for Residents Includes Flushing Pipes Before Drinking Water

(Mercer Island, WA) – Weds Oct 8, Noon –

The City of Mercer Island announced that as of noon today it has lifted the current Boil-Water Advisory in consultation with the state Department of Health. Restaurants may reopen after speaking directly with a Health Inspector from Public Health – Seattle & King County and following completion of step-by-step procedures.

To read the whole press release from the city of Mercer Island, click here.

Check out the quick reference guide for residents of Mercer Island, from the press release:

General Instructions for Residents

  • Visit: Public Health – Seattle & King County
  • Flush pipes at home for 5 minutes by running the cold water tap at all faucets until it feels a lot colder; for a residence with multiple levels, start at the top of the house.
  • If discolored, run water until it is clear; drink water from the cold faucet.
  • Some residents may notice a chlorine smell – this is not harmful and indicates disinfected water has indeed reached the house. If left to stand in a pitcher, water will lose the smell. Chlorine levels are comparable to many other municipal systems.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for appliances such as water filters and water softeners.
  • Dispose of ice from automatic icemakers, make and discard 3 batches, then wash and sanitize trays.
  • Run enough hot water to completely empty the water heater tank; water will feel cool.

The next press release/update from the city is expected tomorrow, October 9th, around 12:00pm. If you have any further questions about the end of the Boil-Water Advisory, please call the City of Mercer Island hotline, 206-275-7800, or visit the city website. The hotline will be open today from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

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