Tuesday, 10/7/14: Boil Water Advisory Still In Effect But Timeline To Lift Advisory In Process

Water Pouring into Bottle

City Reveals Steps Towards Lifting Boil-Water Advisory
(Mercer Island, WA) – Tues Oct 7, Noon –

The City of Mercer Island is pleased to announce today that a timeline for ending the current Boil-Water Advisory is being identified in collaboration with partner agencies.

Today, however, the Boil-Water Advisory remains in effect….

You can read the whole press release here.

Even though the boil water advisory is still in effect on Mercer Island, it’s positive news that today is the 5th day of clear samples. Below are some highlights from the news release:

  • The city is working with their partner agencies to develop a timeline for getting the advisory lifted
  • All priority areas of the city’s water system are receiving ongoing attention
  • 50+% of the city’s restaurant businesses are open with limited menus
  • The Mercer Island School District is continuing with their regular schedule with the use of “heat and eat” foods and special water measures approved by Seattle & King County Public Health.

Stay tuned for more news about a “Dine Local” campaign being coordinated in partnership with the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the campaign is to encourage increased support of Island restaurants, which have received a significant financial hit with the closures the advisories initiated.

To further assist island food service businesses who may have financial hardships due to their extended closures, Mercer Island is facilitating the implementation of a Small Business Disaster Assistance Loan program— please contact Assistant City Manager, Kirsten Taylor, at 206-275-7661 for more information.

City of Mercer Island continues to have a hotline open for residents (206-275-7800); it’s open today from 9:00am-5:00pm. Please visit the city of Mercer Island website to read previous updates.

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