Van Anderson, A REALTOR® Advocate and Incredible Lady

The relationship between Windermere Real Estate / Mercer Island and broker, Van Anderson, travels way back. She has been a broker here since 1993. We are thankful for all the time and energy she has shared over the years; her contributions have been an incredible asset to our office. To quote Julie Barrows, “Van is a true gem of a lady.”

Van’s passion for real estate, and for the integrity of the REALTOR® profession, is evident at all times. Over the years (almost half a century, to date), she has been able to combine her real estate knowledge and advocacy with another passion of hers– politics. Van has traveled to Olympia so many times, her car probably could take her there on its own. Plus, Van travels on a regular basis to Washington D.C. to advocate for REALTOR® issues being debated in our nation’s capital.

In the Autumn 2012 edition of the R E Magazine, Washington REALTORS® , Van is featured in an article discussing her advocacy for REALTORS® issues at the state and national level. You can find it online here, starting on page 25 of the magazine. It’s a great read, and captures Van’s personality, ethics and panache.


“…Van knows well that it takes working with both sides of the aisle to successfully defend or advance Realtor issues.”

* Thank you to Washington REALTORS® Association for allowing us to reprint two of the photos from their Autumn Edition 2012 of R E Magaizne. Photographer and magazine article author: Barb Lally.

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