Local Real Estate Websites Have Better Pulse On Homes For Sale

There’s been a lot of  buzz about local consumerism — the 100 mile diet, frequenting farmers markets, sourcing from local small businesses … Yet, have you ever considered that being a savvy local consumer should also encompass utilizing local real estate websites rather than national portals?

Last week, The WAV Group published their findings from a study comparing local real estate websites Redfin, Long & Foster, and Windermere, against the national sites Zillow and Trulia. The results are very eye-opening. The sample group used in the study included 6,401 home listings, located in 33 ZIP codes from 11 U.U. metropolitan areas. The national portals’ returns indicated that Trulia displayed 81%, and Zillow 79%, of agent-listed homes for sale in the sample group. Conversely, Redfin, Long & Foster, and Windermere’s websites contained 100% of the agent-listed homes for sale.

In addition, the WAV Group discovered that 36% of the agent-listed homes shown as active on Zillow, and 37% of those on Trulia, were no longer for sale on the local multiple listing services. However, the three local real estate website almost never display homes no longer for sale as active listings.

The WAV Group also examined how quickly it took each website to display new listings. The local real estate websites displayed new active listings for sale seven to nine days earlier than the two national portals.

Windermere’s President, O.B. Jacobi, shared in a New York Times post about the study that “consumers should be aware that local real estate Web sites provide the most complete view of properties for sale.” Local real estate brokerage websites, like Windermere.com, are the place for buyers and seller to go for the most complete, and accurate, information regarding homes currently for sale.

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