Photos from Community Service Day 2012

We were so thankful that June 15th, our Community Service Day, was so beautiful! Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island had a terrific turn out over at Mercerdale Park. A majority of the brokers in our office were able to help with the sprucing up duties– we weeded and spread bark to help reduce the weed growth throughout the summer months. We really enjoyed seeing so many of our clients, friends and neighbors at Mercerdale and really appreciated you all for stopping by to cheer us on.

This year’s Community Service Day was coordinated by brokers Doug McKiernan and Marianne Parks. Thank you Doug and Marianne for putting together such a successful event!

Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island Team Who Helped at Mercerdale Park
Paul Tiscornia
Linus Toy
Doug McKiernan
Michael Lee
Julie Nugent
Cherrie Lee
Wendy Chan
Pam Boeck
Cynthia Schoonmaker
Denise Coe
Erin Ewing
Nancy LaVallee
Bonnie Sanborn
Peni Schwartz
Jennifer Craven
Andrea Victor
Ina Bahner
Van Anderson
Kelly Weisfield

Marilyn Anderson, with the city of Mercer Island, Henry LaVallee and Lilly Craven also turned out to help with the Mercerdale Park clean up.

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