PSE & King County E-Commerce Issue Warnings about Email Scams

Two local entities, Puget Sound Energy and the King County E-Commerce Property Tax System, have issued warnings regarding scam emails that look like they were emailed by them. PSE’s alert is here. King County’s alert is here.

Both fraudulent emails look very similar to ones customers would receive. Below are details about how you can identify the fraudulent emails:

PSE: 1)The fraudulent email is addressed to “Dear Customer” instead of the name the account is under. 2) The fraudulent email states, “Refer to the attached file to view more details, pay your bill and manage your account.” DO NOT open the attachment. Delete the email.

King County E-Commerce: 1) The fraudulent email is a confirmation of payment of property taxes. If you have not ever paid your property taxes through the e-commerce system the email is definitely a fraud and you should delete it.

This is a good reminder to never open attachments in an email before confirming with the sender that he/she actually emailed you an attachment. Also, practice safety habits with email. Before clicking a link within an email, hover over it. The destination web address should display somewhere on your computer screen. Don’t click on the link if it looks suspicious.

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