BREAKING NEWS: MIHS Homecoming Parade WILL Be in the Downtown Core Friday, Oct. 21st

MIHS was going to have the Homecoming Parade travel around the high school this year. However, due to public opinion that the parade would be better attended if it remained on its traditional route through the Downtown Business District, the parade route has been switched back to downtown Mercer Island.

Here are the details: the Homecoming Parade will begin at 4:30PM on Friday, October 21st, at Mercerdale Park. It will follow its traditional route through Downtown– parade participants will proceed north on 77th, make a right turn onto 27th heading East, a right turn onto 80th heading south, and the final right turn onto 32nd heading west back to the parade starting point. As the parade winds through Downtown, cross streets will be closed to traffic.

This year’s theme is “RomeComing.” Following the parade will be the Homecoming Football Game at 7:30 PM, at the MIHS Stadium.

Welcome back to the Downtown Business District! We are very excited to see all the hard work that went into this year’s parade floats.

Thank you to Valarie Kaye and the MIHS Leadership class for details about the parade’s relocation to downtown.

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