Congratulations Mercer Island Schools Foundation! Thank You for Helping Bridge the Gap.

In case you have not heard, Mercer Island Schools Foundation reached an exciting milestone: they met their 2011 Bridge the Gap fundraising goal of $1.2 million by midnight on June 10th. The money raised by Bridge the Gap helps cover the shortfall between the MISD’s budget needs and the funding they receive from the state.

What does this mean for Mercer Island schools? To quote the Bridge the Gap Task Force:

This will mean that the school district will keep all 20 teachers who were slated for reduction. Mercer Island class sizes will remain the lowest in the state, our class offerings will continue to be extensive and diverse, student support will continue, and, most importantly, our teachers will remain the effective face of our district in each of our classrooms.

What amazing community commitment! The meeting of this fundraising goal, to benefit the local schools, highlights the wonderful Spirit of Mercer Island and the generosity of island residents.

Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to the hard-working members of the Bridge the Gap Task Force. They make a difference in the life of each student in the Mercer Island School District. We’d also like to thank you, the residents of Mercer Island, who contributed to the success of Bridge the Gap through your generous donations and attendance at events like the annual Breakfast of Champions.

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