Complete Closure of 405 in Bellevue: 4/1/11 to 4/4/11
UPDATE 4/3/11: NE 12th Street Bridge will have limited reopening Monday morning, due to damage sustained over the weekend. This does not effect the scheduled reopening of I-405.

Due to the scheduled removal of the old 12th Ave bridge, which spans the freeway, I-405 will be completely closed in downtown Bellevue April 1st to April 4th. I-405 will be closed both direction from NE Eighth Street to SR 520.

From the WSDOT:

“Crews will close I-405 in both directions between NE Eighth Street and SR 520 from Friday, April 1 at 11 p.m. to Monday, April 4 at 4 a.m. Crews also will close NE 12th Street from 112th Ave. NE to 116th Ave. NE and many area ramps during the same weekend.”

Businesses in downtown Bellevue will be open during the 405 closure. There will be detour routes in place, but plan extra travel time to accommodate for heavy traffic on these routes. If you don’t need to drive to downtown Bellevue, it will be best to avoid the area.

The DOT also states to plan for traffic delays through out the region, as extra traffic is pushed out onto other freeways and side roads. The Tukwila area will be experiencing road closures at the same time, due to the Southcenter Access Project. The Tukwila closures will further impact regional traffic.

How will the 405 closure impact your weekend plans? Will you still drive to Bellevue using the detours? Or will you completely avoid the area?

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