Sunday’s Recyle Event was a Success!

photo by Nancy LaVallee Wow! The Windermere R.E. / Mercer Island Recycling Event was incredibly successful. And it was such a success due to all people who participated: the folks from 1 Green Planet, the agents and staff of Windermere Mercer Island and YOU– the people who brought items to recycle. The flow of traffic from island residents was steady through out the event.  Neighbors and old friends hugged and chatted while their recyclables were off-loaded  from their vehicles by 1 Green Planet employees.

1 Green Planet is a newer non-profit, and their home base is Issaquah, WA. In the Mercer Island Patch article about the recycling event, Michael Szanyi, the CEO 1 Green Planet shared, “We offer free pick up of recyclable appliances and materials from business(es) and free drop off of those same items for the public. We try to give you no excuse not to recycle.”  The profits from the basic materials reclaimed from the recycled items, like metal and plastic, are used to support the costs they incur offering their recycling services.

In the same Mercer Island Patch article Reilly Schanno, marketing director for 1 Green Planet, stated that all  the recyclables they collect are recycled locally in Washington— nothing is sent overseas to be disposed of. In addition, their recycling efforts have grown so much that 1 Green Planet employed 7 new staff members last year.

Both of the trucks brought to the event by 1 Green Planet were filled up! It was rewarding to see so many things stay out of the landfill and know they are being recycled in a green manner. It was an honor to serve the community of Mercer Island and offer an event to help residents dispose of items, for free, they no longer need.

Because Sunday’s Recycling Event was so successful, Windermere Mercer Island and 1 Green Planet will team up for another recycling event during Summer 2011. Details will be shared here as summer nears.

Photo Courtesy of Nancy LaVallee

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