Open Houses: Saturday, January 24th and Sunday, January 25th, 2015

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As we wait in anticipation for next weekend’s big game, agents from Windermere Mercer Island will be holding open houses this Saturday and Sunday. The details about the homes, including video tours, are below by city.Sold By Windermere

Have a fantastic weekend!!

$3,498,880 l 684439 l 7915 NE 22nd St l Video Tour l Larry Williams l Saturday January 24 and Sunday January 25, 1-4pm

Mercer Island
$1,085,000 l 685279 l 6140 90th Ave SE l Video Tour l Kathryn Lerner l Saturday January 24 and Sunday January 25, 1-4pm

$1,250,000 l 713708 l 7256 W Mercer Wy l Video Tour l Mary Lou Putman l Sunday January 25, 1-4pm

$1,499,999 l 681646 l 7710 Westwood Lane l Video Tour l Erin Ewing l Sunday January 25, 1-4pm

The Mercer Island Open House List for January 24th and 25th, 2015 is ready to download below! There are 20 homes open this weekend featuring beautiful water views and stunning living spaces; be sure to check them out!

Open House List_Page_1

2014 Seattle-Eastside Condo Report

The 2014 Seattle-Eastside Condo Report

The 2014 Condo Report contains information on condo sales by neighborhood for the entire Seattle-Eastside region. The data includes average prices; typical size, bedroom count and age of condo buildings in each area; the number of units sold annually and the average cost per square foot. It is an invaluable resource to utilize in your condo search.

Weekly real estate report for 1/16/15

Originally posted on Weekly Property Report:

Click the icons below to view local real estate activity reports for Seattle and Eastside Neighborhoods.








Data prepared and analyzed by Julie Barrows, owner of Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island For questions or comments, email Julie at

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2014 Year in Review for Seattle, Eastside and Mercer Island

Originally posted on Weekly Property Report:

Mercer Island

The Mercer Island real estate market saw the median sale price of single-family homes increase by 12% to $1,084,750. This follows a significant 13% increase in 2013 to equal a compounded 27% increase in the past two years. The average sale price increased nearly 15% to just above $1.4 million.

There were 338 homes sold in 2014, down from 353 homes sold in 2013. This is in large part due to a shortage of homes for sale that limited buyer’s choices. Lacking options, some buyers opted to rent or purchase elsewhere. Mercer Island’s real estate market needs additional inventory of homes for sale to both help it stabilize and also to attract potential purchasers.

Of the single-family home sales, 55% (185 homes) had a contract price above $1,000,000 as compared to 165 in 2013 and 106 in 2012. There were twelve percent more homes sold in 2014…

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Coming Up: 2015 Eastside Windermere Kick-off


We are so thrilled to be able to help our agents stay on the cutting edge in such a rapidly changing real estate climate.

Originally posted on Windermere Eastside:

2015 Eastside KickoffThere are big things happening on the Eastside and Windermere has put together a seminar to help our agents stay on top of the market.

We’ll have Greg Johnson and Jim Melby, presidents of the two largest developments on the Eastside: The Spring District and Lincoln Square Expansion. Greg was recently recognized as the 2014 Executive of the Year by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Add in Sound Transit speaking on East Link Light Rail and Matthew Gardner for an economic forecast and our 2015 kickoff event is a must attend, unique opportunity!

The event is next Wednesday, January 21st and we’re excited to share with this new information with our agents.

Sign up by emailing your staff or the signup sheet in your office.

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Mercer Island Visual Arts League Featured Artist: Anita Miller

Anita Miller_Featured Artist at MIVAL
Local artist Anita Miller opened her show at Mercer Island Visual Arts League (MIVAL) on Thursday, January 8th. The art Miller is displaying at MIVAL was inspired by the non-profit group Clarinets for Conservation, who performs conservation work and musical education in Tanzania, Africa. Miller, through watercolor painting and hand-built clay pieces, shares the non-profit’s love of dance and music, which they share with Tanzanian students, and their diligent conservation work to preserve the mpingo, Tanzania’s national tree. Wood from the mpingo tree is used to make clarinets, so by planting thousands of mpingo trees and sharing the life-enhancing benefits of music, Clarinets for Conservation are ensuring that music lovers will be able to enjoy clarinet music for generations.

FullSizeRender3On Sunday, January 18th, a special concert will be performed at MIVAL by Clarinets for Conservation teaching artists. The gallery will open at 2pm and the concert will start at 3pm. The concert will include both contemporary and classic pieces. Additionally, the teaching artists will share stories about their musical adventures with the students at Korogoni Secondary School in Moshi, Tanzania. Miller’s daughter, Audrey Miller, and Clarinets for Conservation founding director, Michelle Von Haugg, will be available during this special event to provide more information about the Clarinets for Conservation does in Tanzania. Anita will donate her portion of any proceeds from the sale of her art to Clarinets for Conservation.

MIVAL’s gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday, 12pm to 6pm; Sunday, 12pm to 4pm. The MIVAL Gallery is located in the Avellino Building, 2836 78th Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 98040. Questions about the upcoming concert at the gallery? Please call 206-619-6276. FullSizeRender

Photos by Windermere Mercer Island broker, Erin Ewing.